Have you seen a little girl? 7 years old with short black hair?

Would it be possible to get some ragdolls from Silent Hill: Shattered Memories(Wii,PS2)?
The ones I am looking for are:
Cheryl Mason


And Harry Mason


If anyone is able to rip these or find the models + textures, I might take up Cheryl.
We’re in need of more decent child and teenager models. I’m personally pretty sick of using the HL2-Beta kids.

Support, both young and adult Cheryl would be awesome. Game was pretty good, story-wise.

Support, because we need these models.

When I took a quick glance at the thread title, I thought someone posted a missing child thread in the wrong section, silly me. :v:

Heh, sorry
I was trying to be clever with the title
If you’ve played the first game you’d know what I was trying to get at

u gain

I’ve never played Silent Hill, doesn’t interest me.

Support. It would be cool to have these two in Gmod/the Source Engine.


That’s a meme reaction image.

It was nice knowing you.

I’m sorry

Well just hope a mod doesn’t find this thread.

How’s about we all just stop talking unless it’s related to finding the models, hey? :smiley:

Sounds good

I could ask Plasmid. Though, I fear the wait may be significant.

Yes the wait may just take yeeears
BRRES viewer does not support the Wii version of this game, however I suggest using dolphin emute and game assassin to rip the models in T pose

Alright, now how do I get the game? Torrent? Sorry, I’ve never done this before.

Am I the only one who thinks Harry Mason Looks like a rapist in the second picture?

I’ll pm you.