have your ears ring

ive always thought of this idea for survival games with firearms but no one has done it that i know of or even suggested it.

how about having where you craft ear plugs or something out of lets say cloth or some kind of expanding material, and you have a slot on your guy that you can put them in your ears. if you fire a weapon without them your ears ring for 20-40 seconds depending on the gun, and have it where if you fire inside a base or in a window while inside, have it be much worse. i fired my 223 at a deer with the muzzle inside the blind by accident and yea you will feel deaf for awhile.

I think this would be going to the point where we’d be sacrificing fun for realism, and I don’t think that’s what the Rust team is aiming for.

Then how would you hear where people are shooting you?

i can hear just fine when walking with them through woods, you can still tell where the sound is coming from, its just a little quiter. even if they dont add ear plugs i think it would be neat to just have your ears give off a little ring