Haven ¦ PVP/Sleeper ¦ English - Back and better than ever

Hello Rust Community,

HavenTeam are pleased to announce the re-launch of their server running on the latest rust patch.

• Official server of an active International and friendly gaming community, Haven
• Ran and managed by experienced, friendly and active administrators
• Currently low pop, allowing you to snap up some desirable real estate before the inevitable influx of marauder clans
• Access to the public rust channels on our mumble server
• We offer clans a single private channel on our mumble server for free
• We’re offering as pure a rust experience as possible
• Hard on hackers/exploiters
• Active, public website and forum where players can come to chat and hang out or report issues (www.haventeam.net)

So, time for those pesky server rules:

• No hacking or exploiting of any kind, this will result in an instant perma-ban from our server
• Be respectful of the community, whilst we appreciate sometimes things can get heated during PVP please don’t make personal remarks. Keep it classy.
• English speaking only in global chat please
• Racism or bullying of any kind will not be tolerated on our server. This type of behaviour will result in a permanent ban

Admins are active for the majority, if not all, of the day and will answer any questions/queries that players have.

Find us listed at Haven ¦ PVP/Sleeper ¦ English under the community tab.

Come and join the fun!


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Also forgot to say: Server Wiped for latest patch (20:00 GMT 19/12/13)