Haven't even logged onto steam in almost 5 months

What all did I miss as far as maps/addons?

What should I get besides PHX… I don’t really want to sort through hundreds of pages…

Five months, Jesus Christ. Well I known longer than 5 months tho.

Uhhh. I understood the first part. But whats that second sentence saying…?

Not much has changed. A few new updates to old maps… Few new addons. Why are you still here? Go look at Gmod.org.

my steam crashed and i cant update its says updating 58 % then it reloads

I’ve only had Garry’s MOD for a month. :v:

mad cows 3.0 quite popular
not required (most of the time) but it saves much time

Hmm, what happened between five months ago and now…Oh yea Garry fucked up up some stuff and added some new stuff. It’s a very win lose relationship.

Get your own damn thread.

What do you like to play?

Big news,
[li]New evocity[/li][li]Kuropixel released nexus, novus two and severance[/li][li]DarkRP Borked.[/li][li]Phx wire ect will need updates [/li][/ul]