Haven't played Garry's Mod in months, a couple problems have sprung up

I hadn’t played Garry’s Mod in a while, and started playing again last week. Since then, I’ve had a few issues.

[RESOLVED]One thing I noticed was that I couldn’t change the gamemode I’d be playing when I was selecting a map for single player. I figured that in the months I hadn’t been playing, menus got moved around, so I thought nothing of it. But now, after looking around a bit, I still can’t find the option.

[RESOLVED]Another issue, that I started having today, is that whenever I spawn, regardless of the map, I have no weapons, except the Phys Gun, the Camera, and the Tool Gun. This wasn’t happening last week, and I haven’t installed any addons since I started playing again.

Something else I noticed, when I wasn’t playing, was that Garry’s Mod seemed to be updating every time I opened Steam, and there was almost never any change log in the News section of Steam. Also, even if I set Garry’s Mod not to auto update, the setting goes back to auto update whenever I restart Steam.

[RESOLVED]My final, and least important, issue is that over the last couple months, I seem to have uninstalled whatever parenting tool I’d been using before. Looking on the .org, all the parenting tools seem rather old, so I was wondering which parenting tool people use, and which are known to be broken. Garry’s Mod takes a while to start up, so I’d rather not trial-and-error my way to a working tool.

So yeah, any help would be appreciated.

Try “sbox_weapons 1”

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Didn’t notice the little tool icon. Thank you DeathDoom. I’m about to try the command you posted.

EDIT: yep, the command worked.

I’ve been having simular problems. Thanks!