haven't played in almost two years, some noob questions

Returning after nearly two years noticed this game has changed a lot. Was wondering how the hacking/exploits are now, if I can enjoy this game now without speedhacker aimbots patrolling the country side. Also was wondering, there used to be ways people could see containers and even loot from long distances, like say if you’re starting on a fresh wipe and want to hide a storage box on some cliff/rock formation that would be impossible to see without climbing to the right spot, will they find it anyway because of exploits/hacks? Just want to know if it’s worth playing now or not. TY

Eac are doing a great job lately and have been mass banning hackers for a while now. Stay away from official servers and you’ll be a lot less likely to come across a hacker.

I wish people would stop calling them hackers. Please don’t give them credit where none is due. They don’t hack at all.

They buy something pre-made and put it on their PC.

I have seen a few people that cheat and that was on an official server. I have played since the beginning.

I’ll give you some of my experience, which is obviously anecdotal, but I have played A LOT over the last few months/year.

  1. EAC doing a good job, cheating in Rust is a risk even with the fancy paid cheats. They keep doing banwaves and its generally a case of when rather than if someone gets banned. There’s a live twitter feed of EAC bans here https://twitter.com/rusthackreport, where you can also report cheaters, as well as an in-game menu (F7) where you can select a player on/recently on your server and report them, and people doing this seems to have a good effect on getting people banned.

  2. In terms of speedhacking/aimbot etc, in the last few months I haven’t seen a single one. Last wipe we left a quarry running every night and it was never looted, even at the end it was left full of stuff for 2-3 days straight and it was never looted by a cheater jumping over the wall. They do exist, but you won’t find as many people ‘raging’ and flying all over the place killing everyone, especially if you are on a decent community server with active admins.

  3. Stashes were added to the game, which you can place on the floor and hold E to bury them into the ground, and the only way to get them back up is to go back to the spot and look directly at them for 1-2 seconds. Cheaters can still see stashes that are buried, but again I have never had an outdoor stash of mine uncovered and looted by a cheater. They are a great way to keep your stuff safe when starting out, I usually craft a few of them and put them near a sleeping bag as a temporary chests.

So yeah, I’d say its definitely worth playing. In the last 200-300 hours I haven’t had my experience directly ruined by a cheater, and December was the first and last time I had ever actually seen a person speedhacking with my own eyes in-game.

Go to the rust devblog site, playrust, you can catch up there.
A whole lot has changed in the past 2 years, https://playrust.com/page/19/, start from there.