Haventeam EU PVP/Sleeper Server Community Thread

Hi folks!

This thread is intended to serve as an advertisement for our server and as a discussion topic for our server community. Feel free to post here to report issues or just to chat with other players on the server.

So, why should you join our server over the myriad other servers that are available right now?

Official server of an active International and friendly gaming community, Haven
Ran and managed by experienced, friendly and active administrators
Currently low pop, allowing you to snap up some desirable real estate before the inevitable influx of marauder clans
Access to the public rust channels on our mumble server
We offer clans a single private channel on our mumble server for free
We’re offering as pure a rust experience as possible
Hard on hackers/exploiters
Active, public website and forum where players can come to chat and hang out or report issues

So, time for those pesky server rules:

No hacking or exploiting of any kind, this will result in an instant perma-ban from our server
Be respectful of the community, whilst we appreciate sometimes things can get heated during PVP please don’t make personal remarks. Keep it classy.
English speaking only in global chat please
Racism or bullying of any kind will not be tolerated on our server. This type of behaviour will result in a permanent ban

So, there’s the summary. Now a little more about the server and future plans. The server went live on Sunday, November 10th so it’s only a couple of days old at the time of writing this. As a result it is still quite lowly populated but we’re hoping that by creating this thread and offering a good service we’ll start to pull in some more players who will come to call our server home. As I put above we do offer access to our mumble server for players on our server, you will be able to access the public rust channels on there and chat with other rust players. We will offer any clans who make our server their home their own private mumble channel also (If you require more channels please contact an administrator and we’ll see if we can accomodate you).

The server is the home of Haven, a friendly gaming community that aims to establish a trading outpost. We’re not an aggressive group by nature and if you’re friendly towards us you can expect the same treatment in return. As an active International community you can expect to see some of our members online at most times of the day. Despite Haven’s non-aggressive nature we do welcome bandit/marauder clans on our server, we do enjoy PVP and appreciate that raiding is a big part of the game hence the server being PVP and sleeper enabled. Our admins will never abuse their position. You’ll never see one of our server admins teleporting, spawning in items or otherwise messing with the server settings. All we want as players is a level playing field for all and that is exactly what you will get when you make our server your home.

We have discussed server events but we feel that whether we run events or not should be something that our server community decides rather than the admins, for that reason at this time we’re focused on offering a pure rust experience. We’ll look at events again in the future and if that’s what our server community would like to see then so be it.

If you would like to know more you can add me on Steam or join our mumble server (info available upon request). I’ve also enabled PM’s on my facepunch profile so you can PM me on here.

Server admins are as follows:


Thanks for reading and I hope that you’ll consider our server for your home!

We’ve temporarily disabled our server as our host is suffering a DDOS attack causing practically unplayable lag. Once they have that under control we’ll have the server back online. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Quick bump for our server. Population has increased nicely over the past few days but still plenty of room for other players to make our server their home. Friendly, welcoming admins who don’t abuse powers and a public mumble server are just a couple of the benefits that come with out server. Come and get involved :slight_smile:

One of them killed me with a silenced pistol, 50 foundations distance of 3 bullets without any misses, I cured myself with bandages as he dodged and ran zigzagging between the trees. In 90 hours there was nothing like it ever happened to me … judge for yourselves

2 Hackers with aimbot

  • Peter
  • Smosh (or something)

Good Night, and kill the hackers…

Hi shootergamer,

Sorry to hear about your experience. Unfortunately as I’m sure you can appreciate as admins we can’t simply ban everybody that is accused of cheating. Do you have any evidence to support your claims? Any recorded gameplay or screenshots?

Thank you and rest assured that we take all reports of exploitation extremely seriously and continue to monitor all players behaviour on our server.

Kind regards,

server down? :v:

Yeah, we’re aware of the issue and are working to fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience guys! >.<

ETA on when it will be back up?

Very soon, sorry I can’t be more specific :frowning:

np, gives me some time to set everything up before i get on and create chaos.

-Fear the Viking.

hoping this doesnt mean theres a wipe on the horizon

There will be no wipe Melondwarf :slight_smile:

what did you mean by very soon?

Lol sorry, took a little longer than anticipated :stuck_out_tongue: The server should now be back up. Sorry guys!

cant find it :frowning:

It’s definitely up bud. Logged on right now.

Connection is a bit laggy atm, keeps freezelagging and booting me from the game

Apologies to everyone for last nights issues. The server was laggy for a period of time and we experienced two crashes, one of which corrupted the save so we had to perform a slight rollback (by about 10 mins). Hopefully these issues should now be resolved.

Meh. Admins abusing their powers banning people left and right for no reason.


PS. I still want to see the proof of us “aimbotting”

Server is down.