HaveRockWillTravel - Rust Essentials, Events, PVP, Active Admins, Fresh 3/10

Location: US Central - Chicago

HaveRockWillTravel is a fun server run by players who just love playing the game. The starter kit includes a 9mm pistol to help foster a culture of PVP. The two admins are usually online and admin abuse is absolutely forbidden. We also like to do airdrops often to keep the game exciting and our player base stocked.

We’ve built three arenas so far, with more in planning. We have a FFA Wild West Shootout town, a Team Deathmatch arena, and a Tactical Game arena. The weapons and supplies for these events will be provided by the admins: you’ll be teleported to the event naked and empty handed and sent home the same way. Prizes such as ammunition and building parts will be given to the winners.

We’re using the Rust Essentials mod package. This provides teleports, GPS, private messaging, a starter kit, and much, much more. We’re also open to suggestions, so if there’s something you’d like to see available just speak with one of the admins: drewcore (myself) or nuronix.

So come join us on an abuse and hacker free server!

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Hey Drewcore, just wondering why the server is down. I am hoping it will be up soon! Please reply! Thanks!