Having a hexing problem

I’m currently trying to help a friend of mine create a mod. And I need to replace the CSS Counter-Terrorists with Half-Life 2 citizens. But here’s the problem:

How do I change:




In short, I need to make it shorter. Is there a way to do this without messing up the model?

Can someone help me out?

For one thing, you can’t hex them like that, you have to recompile them with the file path you want.
Second, to my understanding, the Half life and Counter Strike models are rigged to different skeletons, so the citizens would need re-rigging.

Couldn’t I just use the CSS “anim” file?

no that wouldnt work
because in the css files they have a special joint called weapon_bone that the model needs
and the model would looked gimped if its rigged to a hl2 skeleton and its meant for css