Having a little trouble with textures not applying to model

I am very new to this and is my first attempt at anything like this so I know I’m bound to make a mistake somewhere down the line…

So over the past few days i have been trying various ways to fix it but nothing seems to work.
I believe something must be wrong in either the .lua file,the .qc file or the way i have got my file format.
As everything loads fine and no errors occur but once in game no textures appear…

If anyone can spot my mistake it would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:
Images are provided below and I can show more if needed.

model in game -

Fiile layout -

.lua file -

.qc file -

the $basetexture in the vmt file probably got the wrong path.

it should be

$basetexture "model\brit\saberguard"

I wish it was that simple XD Thanks for the reply but when I went to check the file it was already like that… shame oh well. :slight_smile:

What about the smd? Does it have the right texture name? Also best to use $cdmaterials rather than $CDMaterials. It shouldn’t do anything, but the compiler does weird shit at times.

I gave changing it to $cdmaterials, and as you said it didn’t have much impact.
Also yes the texture names are the same or at least from what I know, as I said I am very new and will probably over look something.

I only wanted to try this and help improve the Starwars RP community on Gmod.

If I cant figure it out I will probably have to just leave it until I have more practice.

Any other ideas??