Having a LUA error when right clicking with the RT Camera.


The title says it all:

[LUA]entities\gmod_rtcameraprop\shared.lua:49: attempt to index field ‘TrackEnt’ (a nil value)[/LUA]

I have tried to:

  • Rename the addons folder to create a fresh copy of Gmod.

  • Check the game cache file.

Thanks in advance.

Addon is only one folder of many more. Just delete all the folders except that you need (maps for example)

I’d like to avoid that :confused:

Also, it did that even the first time I launched the game on this system.

Verify files.

Have you read my post?

I was looking for “Verify”, not “Check the Game Cache”. Rated myself Bad Reading.

Well, I’m not using Steam in English so I translate as I can.

I’ve asked my friend to do the same with a fresh copy of gmod, first time he launched it, and it did the same.

You should try to right click the RT Camera as well, and tell me if it does the same.