Having a problem launching Rust after switching to Public Dev Branch

So what I did was I went to properties and selected Public Dev Branch and when I was 500 MB update I tried switching back to Opt out of all betas and when I tried launching the game it still required an update. So I waited for the update to finish downloading and I tried switching back to normal standard Rust and then it again had to download a 500 MB download, any help on how to fix this?

Steam basically downloads different branches as if they were two different games. It will entirely remove whatever version is installed before getting the other branch.

There are a lot of moving parts that change often between different branches so it’s simpler and less likely to cause issues if Steam just downloads it all from scratch.

It has to change the game often entirely when you switch to a different branch. If it downloaded the necessary files when you changed branches and left them on your disk if you decided to change back, I assume it’d make everything less organised and more likely to break.