Having a problem with skinning in l4d2. (Help a noob)

Ok I want to make a skin for L4D2 and I have to problems. You see, I’ve never skinned before in valve games, I got all the nessesary items for skinning (VTFEdit, GCFScape, Photoshop) and I have a question, how do I open L4D2 materials, I know how to open them in CS:S, but not in L4D2. And when I made my skin, how do I add it to L4D2 again ?

GCFScape - Extract the materials from the L4D/2 GCF file then extract to your Counter Strike (Source?)/CS:S/materials folder.

To view the textures, simply click on them and they’ll open in VTFEdit.

To edit them, open them in VTFEdit and save them as a .TGA image file, then open in photoshop, edit, then import it to VTFEdit and save as a .vtf.

To get it in L4D/2, put in your Left4Dead2/L4D2/materials folder.

Some folders may need creating.


In all Source steam games, the folder structure is the same; “name of game”/“name suffix”/materials.

For example:

Episode 2/ep2/materials
Half Life 2/hl2/materials