Having a problem with weapons/etc...?

Not needed but here’s my system specifications:
Processor: Intel Q8200 (4 cores @ 2.34GHz each.)
RAM: 6GB of DDR3.
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 6850.
Operating System: Windows 7-64bit (Home Premium.)

I would list my add-ons but it’s un-needed as the problem persists with a freshly installed Garry’s Mod aswell.

Okay so basically the issue is when trying to switch weapons (While in single-player) I can’t switch to my tool gun via my numbers (1,2,3, etc), instead I have to scroll, which I don’t scroll so I really hate this. (I can also just select a tool from the list of tools and it’ll switch to the tool-gun as it should, thank gosh.)

I’ve completely re-installed my Garry’s Mod and ran single-player (Yes, with no-addons at all.) and the problem persisted.

I’ve went to a Dark-RP server and it’s even worse there (Some other weapons aren’t able to be switched to) and a few others and the problem was still existent…

Also, not sure if this is related but for some reason when someone else (not myself) is talking via microphone, the box that normally comes up in the bottom right is like half cut-off. (This is fixed momentary (until someone unless talks alone) when someone else talks while the other person is.)

Help please :).

Short version: Tool-gun (and some other things) aren’t working when using numbers, and etc.

EDIT: Oh BTW, this is probably useful, this happened it seems to be after the latest GMod update (122), it was fine before that.

Hmm… never heard of that before. Try to go into your GMod settings / options. Then go into “Keyboard”, and press the button “Set to defaults”. I believe your GMod options are stored in the cloud so if you accidently unbinded your toolgun key, it would still be unbinded even if a complete reinstall.

Thanks for your response but I’ve already done this (and even again just now) and it’s still happening.

It’s happening to me aswell, guessing garry’s mod needs an update

I’ve never had this problem until last night at 10 EST

Yeah, that was around when update 122 of Garry’s Mod came out, or, around that.

Just to let you know, if you when you go to advanced options in the keyboard settings, if you check “fast weapon switch” you’ll have no problem selecting with the number keys. Only problem is you can’t see the icons stuff at the top.

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I’m now having the problem with in the DarkRP menu, all the icons are halved.

I think that’s how it’s supposed to be with fast weapon switch on (I don’t remember), but yes it somewhat fixes the problem, not what I want though.

Thanks for the posts.

Yeah, I don’t like my suggestion either, haha. The only difference I notice is doesn’t show the info…

When is this going to get fixed!

In the next second? Wouldn’t that be nice.

Haha, well hopefully Garry hears about this or reads this and fixes it.

Wow, ALOT of people are having the same issue mainly in Dark-RP, or maybe it seems like that just because I go on those types of servers alot.