Having a really hard time!

Yeah I can barely move from spawn without someone killing me. Places with resources has people who will try to rape my ass. So any good tips?

Use the voice chat and group up with someone. You will find you most likely wont be attacked by other nakeds anyway.

Try to make a stone hatchet asap. Just need 10 wood and 5 stones. After that try to hunt an animal to gather 20 cloths and make your first bed. Place it somewhere, even in the open field, is just to always spawn in the same area.

Chop wood once you have your bed and make a shelter and put a door. Then you can pick up your bed (or you can even place the shelter over the bed) and drop it inside.

Now you have a small secure place. Won’t be raided as people won’t raid a shelter that doesn’t have anything inside (they can view through the cracks of the wood).

That’s mostly it, at least, the beggining.

Cheers guys!

First thing you want to do is get a few resources make your self a bow and some arrows so atleast you can defend your self easy even against newbs with pistols, keep your head down and stay away from gun fights and dont draw attention to your self.

Just get a stone hatchet ASAP, then gain around 500 wood. Set up a 1x1 wooden house, and place as many doors in the entrance as possible. Make sure you save enough wood for a storage box. Store all your valuables and head out with only a stone hatchet to kill some animals/gain more resources. Once you have 30 cloth, 10 animal fat and I think 10 stones (Or was it fifteen), make low grade fuel and out of the fuel and stones make a furnace. Use the remaining 20 cloth for a sleeping bag, which in case you die, you can just click “Camp Respawn” and respawn on it.
Then, it’s time to get some metal for a metal door - You need to go into radiated areas for the blueprint, but it’s quite common, so no worries. Even if you die, once you learn the blueprint you learn it. You can reach one of the radiated areas simply by following the road, there are about three or four radiated areas with spawns. Once you get a blueprint, if you’d like, hang around there for a bit for some more stuff, you may even find a gun - But careful, players may come so it’s best not to stick around for too long (Also, you will start losing health after rads get to 500+, but you’ll most likely find radiation pills if you stay there for a while). If you didn’t find any, simply run out of the radiation area, and the rads will slowly go down.

Anyways, once you can make a metal door, go to your base (I sure hope you placed it near the road and you remember in which direction you went! :wink: ) and start smelting metal ore that you gained from the boulders in the area. Make sure you do it during daytime, otherwise you’re most likely fucked.
Once you have a metal door, place it in the entrance. Now you can truly start playing the game.

Make friends and/or join a clan.

I survived as a hermit for a couple days, mostly just hoarding resources, and then constructed a three-story (3 x 2) building full of Metal Doors. Met someone friendly, so I invited him over and we constructed a replica that is connected to my building. We are now adding more floors to our base and windows to scout the area.

Good luck to you!

I highly recommend you build your first shack in a dense forest. I’ve made the mistake of building ones out in the open which in itself isn’t too bad but there’s a bug at the moment where fires/furnaces will render before your building so it will stand out like a sore thumb.

I also recommend you find the metal door blueprint before you settle. People will break down your wooden door.

Smash someone else in the head with a rock and take their shit, build a base. Put a metal door on asap and win