Having ACF problems with my truck...

Not sure if I’m supposed to post this here or in the Help section, because that seems like technical errors.

Sorry for the shit post. Been working on a truck and trying to put the finishing touches on it… But the fucker won’t drive. Everything is hooked up properly in wire + ACF, I’ve made countless other ACF vehicles so I don’t know why this one is being a bitch. It uses Amplar’s dirty suspension, so the wheels are spherical. All of the ball sockets are set and correct, and the suspension is completely fine.

NOTE: The E2 looks like a jumbled shitfuck, I haven’t sat down and formatted or consolidated yet, so sorry for the eyesore. I appreciate any help.
SECOND NOTE: On another copy, I did manage to get it to drive, but barely. It was all super jumpy and buggy and would only move for maybe a second.

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