Having an indicator over your friend's head

What do you guys think of having a “friend indicator” floating above your friend’s head? Do you think it would be good to have this and prevent friendly fire? Or do you think sneaking into a group of friends and killing them from within is a useful strategy that would be destroyed by this?

EDIT: Ignore this topic. There is already one about clan differentiation.

No indicator; just customization. The indicator breaks immersion and you’d still have a (small) chance of infiltration with customization only.

God some customization would be awesome, literally a day after any server wipe you have 90% of the server wearing the same convenient store tier clothing (kevlar). And why it makes your arms look like they’re covered in shoe polish is beyond me.

Well I think there should be a system, in where if you would look at the player you’d be able to tell friend or foe sooner…

For example, looking at someone from distance will Yield a ? above his head.

When he comes closer it should change to a name when it is a friendly. Or remain a ? when it’s a foe or player you haven’t seen before.

They distance from where you can see someone’s name is too damn close if you ask me… you should be able to identify someone from a bit more then 2-3 meters…

Hey guys. Use Drenhall’s topic. He’s laid it out much better than me.


No this will ruin the danger in the game. This isnt call of dooty.