Having an issue painting skin weights on my mesh using maya.

For some unknown reason every time i try to paint a desired area the mesh’s polys go all haywire. it seems to extrude polygons instead of painting.


Does anyone have a clue on what settings i should be using when painting skin weights for maya? I’d really appreciate it if anyone could point me in a direction or maybe suggest to me a better rigging program instead, my project has been stalled on this problem for a few days now.

I prefer 3ds max 2012 but you can get 2014 too the student edition is free. It seems like the weights are assigned to more than one bone.

First of all, you seem to be using a badly turbosmoothed model. Secondly, check if Maya uses something similar to xforms. It’s possible it’s pushing the vertices by the amount the bones were pushed before. so that’s why it’s messing up like that.

Yeah, i noticed my mesh had too many polys for rigging, i’ll have to revert back to a simpler mesh. i also managed to get my settings working better now after messing around with it for over a week. the skin weight brush is painting now instead of deforming the verts.

Is there a character rigging and texturing studio around for this sort of stuff? it’s pretty complicated in maya.