Having fun imagining an alternative HUD for Rust.

Latest update :

Goals :

  • As unobtrusive as possible, but without sacrifying accesibility, clarity, content.
  • Versatile presentation, easy to add/modify/remove features.

Features :

  • Days survived counter
  • Dynamic player status based on things (mostly bad things) happening to the player.
  • Player stats (gauges) Equipement stats (bars)
  • Icons for damaged stuffs
  • crafting UI based on latest official trello UI tests

Old stuffs

What’s with the apple logo

It sure looks fancy and very nice, but it feels a bit too “future-y” for Rust, dontcha think? Like something you’d see on the iPhone 29XGs.

I dunno I like it other then the bar at the top everything else feels somewhat modern, just to say the bar at the top reminds of some kind of arcade fighter just saying.

Honestly, I would like to see a more immersive HUD (being the lack thereof.) Something like when you are hungry, you hear your stomach gurgling, if you are irradiated, you start puking, and if your health is low your screen flashes red lightly to more heavily when more damage is taken (think CoD, but not shitty :v:) and if you are bleeding, you can physically see a light blood trail as you move or somethin, and maybe with guns you have to count shots. There’s something about immersion that HUDs seem to kill. If there were a way to put this kind of stuff in, I think it would be really cool to see.

Wish all games had hyper customizable huds + guns with an open slit on the magazine to see ammo amount

thanks for the feedback =)

And yes, the best Rust HUD would be no HUD !

Here’s a new one, this time it’s not the HUD it’s the inventory menu :

I don’t really like it. I like how you made it controller friendly, but it just doesn’t look all that great. It isn’t rust-esque enough.

What would be a more Rust-esque UI ? do you have an example or game in mind ?

I have absolutely no artistic skill so I cannot offer a physical version of what I would think, but when I think rust, I think really rough and primitive. Just think about that when you are designing, what you created there kind of reminds me of FarCry 3’s menu, which is cool, but not quite fitting for Rust. Try thinking about that when designing.

Personally it reminds me a bit of WarZ, which is a really, really bad thing…
I also believe that if you have to add text to the items in an inventory you’ve done something terribly wrong. Item icons should speak for themselves and should only display text on mouse over or something similar. Text used like in your inventory mock-up is cluttering the interface and using more space than necessary.

In my opinion, the interface should be very minimalistic and kind of blur right into your surroundings (not necessarily talking about an actual blur effect here).

Yeah, you want your GUI to be as minimally intrusive as possible, Rust is more of an immersive sort of game, you want to feel like you are surviving, you don’t want to feel like you are playing a video game, or at least that’s how I feel about it.

Beat me to it, but exactly.


You nailed it.

I tried. Glad to see people agree.

cool, thanks for the ideas ! I’ll try to keep theses in mind while drawing the next one.

Edit : also is there any game already arround with an UI that have this feel ?

None that I can think of, so try to come up with something unique. Maybe use some textures like rusted metal or wood, something that looks really primitive or “rusted out,” just something that matches the atmosphere of the game.

I’ve wanted that for a while, but the bunnies would lose their shit. We need a hardcore-mode server option with this.

Not to seem rude to them or anything, but who cares what the minority wants? The minority wanted to keep zombies, and they are long gone. I really think it would be cool to completely remove the HUD, and make it an immersive sort of thing, like I mentioned the stomach gurgling and whatnot. If you are cold, you can hear teeth chattering, or be visibly shivering after longer exposure, I really think that there is no real need for a HUD in a game like this. Just my thoughts though