having fun making gfx too xD




omg its just fuuuunnnn xD making something i imagined!

all used images are from google image search! i own nothing

Not rusty enough, and the fonts look pretty horrible.

Not Rust’s style and “making gfx” isn’t downloading random images from Google and putting text on it with an unfitting font.

im not pro and starting to learn making these things. fonst i used are randomly choosen from basic photoshop fonts xD i never asked to seriously use this shitty things in game, im just having good time making it and sharing it. feedbacks are always good!

I can see it now: Whoever designs the best login page gets a beta key haha.

lol i actually don’t even know what gfx means. i guess i have to put little more effort on selecting fonts next time haha. and well, if im not making money out of it, i don’t have to be too pro right? xD

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nope, i’m just trying to learning and making what i had in my head. and i’ll never get any keys with these things :stuck_out_tongue:

if you use “xD” again i will beat you to death with your own head.

This isn’t MYST.

Leave, please.

well, i’d like to start with XD!!! LOL!
and now get the hell outta here if you’re not going to give me feedback. thx for replying.

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now people can actually kick me out when they don’t like what someone else posted?
i see some small-minded pricks @,@ thx for replying.

first one is the best one for me but its not really rust related… I was thinking at a old house in the night and near it a burning campfire, it would be a cool ongoing animation. Or maybe a rusty wall with light from a fire you can’t see