Having Hl2.Exe errors! Please help...

Rigth… So I’m not sure if i posted this in the right section but I’ll post it anyway!

After a new update at our RP server I’ve been having some trouble while joining.

We have tried to copy the RP database and put it on another server with the same map. Didn’t work at all! I’ve re installed Gmod, and I’ve disabled my UAC.

If it’s any way of preventing the Hl2.Exe errors or fix it please let me know!

Contact me on steam “joachim_valleh@hotmail.com” or just post in this thread!

Kind regards Remi,

You probably want to redirect yourself to the valve area.


Or roleplay for gmod


No actually go to the gmod section

How hard is it to read the sections?


God damnit, it’s like people can’t read or something…


Also OP, don’t sign posts, bannable offense…

Predicting moderation; bannable offense.


Also, logs and the HL2.exe crash event log too.

Rape it.

I didnt expect it to be moved so i made a new thread in this section before it was moved… Anyways. http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1007397

There is the dump and everything.