Having issues porting a model from Gmod to SFM - Invisible Model

The model in question is Lazlo’s Gordon Freeman model, extracted using Gmad.

It appears invisible in SFM both in the model viewer and when I try to load it into the map. I’ve tried fucking about with the folder structure and also decompiling and editing the model’s .qc file but to no avail. The console in SFM is telling me:

Not sure what to do to get the model working.

Mind posting the path to the mdl on your drive? Invisible model means incorrect filepath.

Sure. In elements viewer the fullpath is shown as:

Move it from lazlo to custom.
Proper filepath should be \game\usermod\models\custom\gordon_freeman.mdl

Ah, so I did have the structure set incorrectly the whole time. The issue is fixed, thank you very much.