Having issues rigging the valve biped skeleton to my mesh, could use some help.

I’ve been using Blender to rig my meshes to the valve biped skeleton by literally altering the mesh itself to fit the skeleton. While it has worked alright for me so far I feel like it isn’t the best way to go about it and I’ve been experimenting with trying to fit the skeleton to fit the mesh now instead. I’m encountering minor issues though and I could use someone with more experience to help me as I’m just scratching my head right now.

In the example below I’m trying to fit the female_02 skeleton with the metrocop mesh.

Here’s me rotating the bones in Blender to fit the mesh. Looks good and everything while in Blender and the mesh rotates with the bones properly in pose mode.

This happens though when I display it in model viewer or ingame without any animations.

For some reason it works just fine when an animation is being played though.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!

Post your .QC file, I’ve had a similar problem before, except the arms would look like that when an animation was applied, instead of when in t-pose.

I’ve just been using the female_02s qc with a few small changes so far.

Hey bro

I recommend that you use: 3DS MAX to make your playermodel

And also, you can use this .qc file:

That’s most likely due to procedural bones.

OP, I recommend you move them in Pose Mode, then hit Ctrl-A and Apply as Rest Pose. That way it’ll keep the helper bone rotation relatively intact and hopefully fix that issue.

This seems to have fixed it, thanks a lot.