Having issues with eyelids

I’ve build a custom playermodel to valve wiki specifications. It works, but with a caveat:

There is a blank, nameless flexcontroller that prevents it from working in GMod. I extracted my facerules.qci etc. directly from Source SDK. What did I mess up?

If you upload images to a sharing site such as imgur, you can link it here with [img] or [t] tags.

Anyway, GMod currently has an issue with eye-related face flexes if it’s based off the standard FACS system used by citizens. If you try the same thing with an hl2 citizen model, do you run in to the same issue?

Thanks for the fast response CBB. Yeah, I do get the same issue. What steps should I take to fix it on my own model?

If even the vanilla models shipped with the game are having the same issues your model is, it should be proof enough that it isn’t your fault. Do the flexes work in hlmv?

Yeah, they do. I’m just wondering what I should do for the GMod version?

Use a custom QC set. It won’t work with NPCs but it’ll work for faceposer and such.