Having issues with rig on model

So, i’m attempting to port the splatoon 2 inkling to gmod, but i’m having issues with the rig i’m using from the enhanced inklings. Here’s what happens with the mode in game:


I really don’t know how to fix this particular issue.

So, i managed to fix the main issue, and now 2 other issues have appeared.
The model flickers in some cases, and trying to tpose it with the physics gun makes it disappears.
And now the textures don’t even load.


The first problem is weird, it could be something about the halo ring a ragdoll has when being targeted by the physgun, maybe translucency has something to do with it, but I wouldn’t count on it, for the textures it’s an easy fix, you just have to check the paths for the textures, you might have changed it by error, the material name has to match the VMT name, which in turn will redirect to the VTF with some modifications, if that doesn’t work try posting both QC and VMT, including the path files if possible.