Having Legacy and new version installed together?

So I didn’t see a thread about this, but sorry if this has already been answered.

Is there any way to have both the current version of Rust, and Rust Legacy installed at the same time? I just got a new laptop and I installed Rust but then I learned that there isn’t the simple option to just launch legacy anymore and instead had to go to betas and select it. That meant waiting for it to download something before I could play. Then today since I hadn’t played Rust recently at all I decided I’d try out the new updates and see what it’s like. I thought it would just switch back since it already downloaded but instead I have to wait for it to download Rust again, and if I want to play legacy I’d have to go through the same process. If there isn’t a way to have both at the same time, that’s alright. I can just have legacy on here and the new version of my desktop but it would be good to know if there’s a better way than just waiting for Rust to download each time I want to switch. Alternatively I’m wondering if it will stay like this or if eventually there will be an option to have Rust legacy be a separate item in the Steam library. Thanks, and I look forward to the newest Rust improvements.

nah, only set up as a beta, so you can’t keep both versions at once. bit of a pain if you play both, and i certainly wouldn’t complain if they made legacy a separate game in steam, but it’s not likely to happen.