having major problems with rust

i dont know what to do please help it goes to wrong menu and wrong build build 187 i downloaded steamcmd last night downloaded rust server files so i could create a rust server and didnt do anything and deleted the server files and then i tried to load up rust and this is whats happen can anyone help me resolve this ?





here`s the link http://www.pinterest.com/max0056/rust-tech-problems/

please reply this is urgent

I need help please respond! its been 4 days knowone has responded to this thread i need help people rust does`t work it goes to wrong menu every time

is anyone going to respond to this thread

no only take your money. Fuck this game. LIFE is FEUDAL is better. I wait to long and i go ANOTHER project with good DEVELOPERS.

OLD RUST - to many haker and bug

NEW RUST - to many haker and to many many bug.