Having more then 1 func_monitor on at a time?

Now that I finally can use monitors, how can I get more then 1 on at a time? I have a room with 4 monitors, one on each wall, and a camera assigned to each of them. For some reason, all 4 monitors are showing the same camera, instead of the ones I assigned to each of them. Is there any way to force each of them to show their own camera, or something else that can do the same thing as a func_monitor hooked up to a point_camera?

Try using a different material, someone did that, I think.

Would it have to be the camera textures that have static overlays and such?

You could’ve just posted in your older thread.

I really don’t know, I just saw someone that used different textures for the monitors.

I couldn’t change the thread title of my old thread, so I made a new one.

I tried changing the textures, and it needs a camera/monitor texture to work, and I tried combination’s of those textures, and it doesn’t make a difference.

Any other ideas?

Not possible.
Source, coded to this, can only support one camera at a time. you can have multiple static cameras, but these “cameras” are RT cams. you never see multiple rt screens with something diff on them

So I can use static cameras and have multiple monitors show different static cameras and not only 1?

What’s this static camera’s entity name?

its the same, you just change that one keyvalue to “static camera”
Im not positive, but im 90% sure it will work

Well it’s not in the point_Camera or the func_monitor, so either you’re mistaken, I can’t find it, or it’s a different entity.

If the map’s for gmod, then use lua to create multiple RT textures.
If it’s for a custom mod that you are making, then code it in there yourself.
If it’s for some other source game/mod that doesn’t already support it, then you’re stuck.