Having problems installing Simple Map Voting Add-on

Hi, for 4-5 days straight now, I have not successfully gotten Simple Map Voting to work. I tried in the normal files/folders and even edited my ini.lua to work.
I will post down below what I have or have not edited.
Also I have ULX and Ulib but I put my add-on inside the ULX add-on(Maybe I did this wrong?) I also tried just doing the normal follow instructions but still no luck!
I have TTT_mapvote.lua in garrysmod/addons/ulx/lua/autorun

MapVote = {}
MapVote.Config = {}

-- CONFIG (sort of)
    MapVote.Config = {
        MapLimit = 24,
        TimeLimit = 28,
        AllowCurrentMap = false,

function MapVote.HasExtraVotePower(ply)
	-- Example that gives admins more voting power
	if ply:IsAdmin() then
		return true

	return false

MapVote.CurrentMaps = {}
MapVote.Votes = {}

MapVote.Allow = false

MapVote.UPDATE_WIN = 3

if SERVER then


This is what I have in init.lua for doing the vote but doesn’t work after round change or timer running out(Last time I did the normal instructions, it worked to where it showed a countdown and a blank screen?), I did edit my addmap.lua and maplibrary.lua All I really need is to have cs_ maps to be in this.

 if switchmap then
      MapVote.Start(15, false, 24, "ttt_")
   elseif ShouldMapSwitch() then
      LANG.Msg("limit_left", {num = rounds_left,
                              time = math.ceil(time_left / 60),
                              mapname = "Defined by vote"})

Update: trying GLMVS

I used this version, which is based on Willox’s version that you have above and updated and fixed a bit:

Download that, then you can edit as detailed in this instruction:

“…edit the config.txt located in garrysmod/data/mapvote/ to change several settings…”

If you can tell me, which one is better in your personal opinion GLMVS or the SMA?

Haven’t used GLMVS, can’t say.

What guide are you using to set this up? Sounds like it is outdated.


Note the How to use this with Trouble in Terrorist Town section

This is what I am using > http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1289931

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For some reason though, I do not have autorun.lua in there until I upload it and the guy talking about autorun.lua change to this has a different file than me. I have the functions like some of his code but it’s not organized like his.

Bump; Can anybody help me install this for free? Paying for help is NOT right.

Not once in this entire thread did someone link Coderhire, so don’t assume we tell everyone the same thing.

Um, I never said that? So please don’t assume about something I am talking about.

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Thanks willox, that works but I really would love for that image map vote to work because then we don’t need to show a full map name.

Okay well, I got the GLMVS to work but now no map images or even words are showing just “vote for a map!” and then the x ect and also do not agree with him. I never said anything about CoderHire which makes him the dumb one.