having problems signing in to garrysmod.org

Hey im having problems with signing in to garrysmod.org. i bought garrys mod about 4 years ago and just got the needed resources to play it again. i tried signing into garrysmod.org through my steam account because apparantly thats how it needs to be done now, and all it dose is redirect me to a logging in page that just sits there and dose nothing. i tried to research if anyone else has this problem but apparantly it dosent exist with anyone else. i’ve also found out why garrysmod.org is doing this because of piracy, so if need be i can prove that i own garrys mod, but i cant login to the site because im stuck at the logging in page. if anyone can help me it would be much appreiciated.

Wait, i dont understand your question,what do you see after you click the “LOG IN TO DOWNLOAD” button? Nothing?

I was just having issues signing in is all its ok now it was just my Internet connection. Started right after I posted this must of forgot about the help me post lol. But thanks for the concern everything’s good now.

I’m having trouble getting onto the actual garrysmod.org website, I’m using chrome and whenever I try to connect I get the cloudflare website offline message. :suicide:

Sry man i use Firefox never had that issue before but maybe someone else can help. Someone help this man out ASAP. again I’m sry I could not help but wait a bit for someone else’s coment

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O wait I think u mean the webpage is offlinee sry miss understood ur question if it says it’s offline then just use it’s page refresher (should have a try active page option) it usually means there is too much traffic on the website so just wait for a min and refresh the site

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: