Having problems with Gmod, any help?

OK, just completely rewriting this for better clarity. Im having problems with 1 main thing, and 1 small thing that may not even be broken.

  1. (MAIN PROBLEM) Ok, when i spawn npc’s, they seem to work fine and are moving as they should as far as behavior (following, chasing, shooting) but their movement animations are totally screwed up, and their graphics seem… off. The animations simply are choppy, as though the frame rate for just npc’s (becuase everything else runs smooth) is very low. I will try to post video explanation of this ASAP. Please help me. Thx.

EDITED the miscoloration i described was nothing. i just forgot how shiny some npc’s are

  1. (small issue) Sprint doesnt seem to work. My character simply accelerates to sprint speed from running straight (no buttons pressed other than “w”), and shift slows him to walk again. Any ideas?

(even if you dont know how to fix it exactly, or if you need more info, just comment. im just watching the thread now and will be happy to take anything you have got for me)
Please comment with ANY ideas on what might be causing this. I dont need a professional answer. i just want to keep trying things. I’m just sitting here waiting for posts.