Having some problems with this RP-Gamemode

Cakescript! Yeh, It’s probably outdated, but I might aswell give this a try.

Cakescript won’t load any animations, I tried to extract the 2007 shared models.GCF, but that didn’t work. Would be nice with a tutorial or something of how to get Cakescript running properly with animations.

If however, cakescript is outdated, then perhaps someone could give me a link to a decent gamemode?

I don’t want DarkRP.
Light RP is missing some valuable functions.
Taco-Script is outdated.
Perp is dead?.

Thanks in advance.

Check the cakescript thread in the gamemode(rp)section, there is somebody who has fixed the animations.

I will do so, thanks.

That didn’t help me much…

Any ideas?

How did it not help? Did you find the fix?


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that’s not very nice, vinze :saddowns:

I gave him the fix, in my opinion, that’s very nice.

He’s not mentally challeneged, and yet I give him aid with the simplest of tasks.

i meant the “Here, now get the fuck out.” part

Fine, I’m sorry for saying that, now get the fuck out.

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Yes, I did find that one. And I tried it waaaaay before I made this thread, didn’t work very well though.