Having Some Trouble With FastDL

I’ve been running a Dedicated GMod server and everything is working perfectly; except for the FastDL. I know it’s working due to it downloading Maps and the Cache from the url and using for sv_download. But it will not download custom content
I’ve tried using resource.AddFile in a lua inside of lua/autorun/server/
I have no idea on what I can do; and this was my last resort
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:



Sorry; I’m tired and a complete noob. How do I delete this thread?

Probably best to request a lock from a mod before they notice this and ban you for missing the sticky :v:.

How do I do that? :frowning:

View this: http://www.facepunch.com/showgroups.php

Pm one of the “Garry’s Mod” moderators.