Having some trouble with mapping

Alright this is actually a map for Team Fortress 2 but it’s basically the same thing.

So I decompiled a .bsp file of a map (using vmex) into a .vmf file so I could make some changes to the map (don’t worry, I’m not stealing work). So I make my changes and pressed run map, and it gets to a certain part in the compiling and then Hammer just crashes. I can’t post the compile log because there’s no way for me to copy it because it just crashes, unless there’s another way. I didn’t even change any entities, just changed a few walls on buildings and such.


Don’t decompile maps.

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Decompiling maps is not an exact science. Because some brush faces are nulled on compile, the decompiler has to guess where the brushes are. This causes off grid vertices etc, and in turn fucks the compile.

Basically, never decompile a map that you wish to recompile. And if you do, you need to remake every brush on the map.