Having to re-connect to server every 30 seconds

Hi there,
Today I have been having problems playing rust on both official and community servers (yesterday was fine). For the 1st 30 seconds or so everything is fine. I can collect resources, hit animals, everything. Then my avatar will freeze from other people point of view but i will continue to walk around the map thinking everything is ok. If I hit an animals though it does not react and hitting trees, or any other pile will not yield me any resources. I can see other people and mobs walking around. My torch will work but the counter does not count down, nor do I get any hungrier.
I have tried re-installing the game but the issue is still present.
I am also, of course, having the issue where I need to spam click the servers to join them but it seems a lot of people are having this issue.
I haven’t noticed any consistent error codes coming in through the console when it times out, though I will keep an eye on this…
If anyone has any suggestions that would be a huge help.
Thanks. :slight_smile:

So it turns out what I am doing is “Ghosting” as described in these threads:



I understand the issue is known and being worked on. Just wish there was a way of playing the game in the mean time. :frowning:

So after read a lot about this issue it seems that the problem is on the user end (my end) so i decided to try some stuff…

Turned off:

  • Auto Hotkey
  • Turbo V (overclock software)
  • EPU-6 (power saver software)

Updated nVidia Video card driver

Windows update for nVidia something…

logged out of Steam chat etc (didnt launch rust through steam but instead directly from the task bar)

The issue isnt fixed entirely… I seem to desync less often and the sometimes will catch up again which tp me back to where I was when i desync’d. Or this is just extreme packet loss…?

edit: Don’t think the packet loss was just me… everyone was complaining about lag today

possibly fixed the problem for me just need to find a server with no lag…

Is it just me, or does it seem like a waste of time to set up overclocking AND power saver software together?

They were never working at the same time obviously. I was just making a point that both seemed to interfere with gameplay.