Having trouble compiling a model in GUIStudioMDL


I was compiling the high-poly Hyperion model from Starcraft II in 10 different parts because the compiler couldn’t handle compiling it in one part. And… this happened. I looked it up, and I tried the HLMV trick, and tried re-exporting, and nothing seemed to work.


So if possible, could you please help me a bit with this?

I guess you have to split the higher poly parts to smaller pieces.

The compiler still can’t handle the complexity of the model. It’s just split up so throws out a different error.

Reduce vert and polycount. Or bugger FF for his hacked high poly compiler which he uses for those poser models.

When I was compiling a car it had 42k polys and it didnt compile while some 80+k cars did. After some time someone (TDM) told me that 3DRipper fucks up models sometimes and told me to export to obj then reimport and then proceed. I did that and it worked. Although I didnt have much success with Crysis Jeep later on…

Note that I divided that car to 12 parts and it still didnt work… I had to delete part of carrosserie to make it compile before trying method of exporting to obj and then back, then it worked for the whole car. And be careful with materials and obj if you will try anything. Each material had to be separate object (in other words no more than one material per object), only then did materials apply correctly at import (at least in my experience).

I did. I split it up TEN TIMES.

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When I ripped it from SC2 using m3 import, it was already split into a couple of parts. All the materials were assigned to different models, though I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to check again. Also, in its original form, I couldn’t export it to an SMD, so I had to export as an OBJ. Maybe that’s the problem?

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So the access error thing is just a generic error you get when the compiler hates you with a passion?

To minimize the effort you put into this just quickly try exporting the model to obj (with default settings) and then reimport, dont try correcting any material errors you get (if you get any), you will deal with them later. Just do this and then try compiling as static prop, this will show if it worked. But there are two differences between your problem and mine:
-you didnt use 3DRipper, so we have no clue if the model is really fucked up
-it compiled for me but crashed the game (later with crysis Jeep I get out of range error)
Basically you are playing blind, but if you got no more ideas you might aswell try this, at least youll know if it helps or not.

A lot of people has had this error, I guess it is some shit studioMDL throws at you:

https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Compiling_a_model (Common errors)

Or, try first deleting half of the model and export, for my car it compiled (successfully) after deleting 1/5 of the carrosserie.
What are the specs of the model? (vertex and polycount)

Oh, and some people had to split the model into bodygroups to compile, but this didnt work either with my car…

It says 59K faces when rendering. Would it be possible for me to send you the files and then for you to compile? Because I don’t have much time as it is.

As far as I understand, and what I’ve experienced (as well as some others) it an error that shows up if a very complex model is split up. The compiler can’t write into the MDL anymore but it doesn’t know the exact error (too complex) so it fails.

Usually if you were to compile the whole thing into one mesh it would throw out one of the complex tri strip errors.

Also keep in mind that face count is less important than vertex count as far as compiling goes. (I think)


Though if it’s just a generic error, and the model is too complex to compile anyways, what can I do about it? Short of deleting shit and reducing polycount (I luv mai detail).

decimating the model

Not much else you can do

Well you can send it and when I have time I can try, but Im busy with college too.

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Man I hate doing that, I tried doing that to my car model and it looked so ugly after that >.< Very irritating process.