Having Trouble Getting Clients Map Textures on My Server

So I’ve set up a TTT server on my computer using srcds and I’m having a bit of an issue. I’ve already gotten fastdl setup so clients can download the addons and maps I have installed. The issue is that on some maps in particular ttt_waterworld the map textures don’t show up for the client even thought they have downloaded the map and the materials through fastdl. I really could use some help I’ve been trying to figure this out forever thanks!

I remember waterworld having this issue for everybody; it’s a map issue. Can you please name another map that you’re having an issue with?

Oh alright thank you so should I just forget about that map is there any fix for it? I’ll try and see if I can get another example. Thank you though!

Not particularly. If you find the name of the missing textures you could make your own/rename another.

Could I make clients download the map from the workshop, Is it possible to do that and still us fastdl?

Yes. Just take the map off the FastDL server and use resource.AddWorkshop.

Got it thank you

I just packed the textures into the map :-/
It’s because the creator of the map was a silly willy when it came to using custom textures. Alternatively make the users just download the textures you get when you decompile the gma and it should be alright.