Having trouble playing. Please help

Hi, I’m having a bit of trouble playing Rust. Every time i load the game it crashes with Unity problems and when it does load i can’t move around or it will crash (with black screen or Unity error) also i can’t see inventory textures.

I’m using a laptop with ‘Intel HD 3000’ on Google Chome.

And when i tried loading the game on my sisters Mac book pro it never crashed but everything i did was delayed like ‘i would walk forward, then let go but it keeps walking’ (sometimes the delays were like 30 seconds behind)

Is anyone else having any of these problem as well and is there any way of fixing this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sounds like you have some pretty shitty computers. Sorry, I don’t think THAT can be fixed. Unless you get a better computer.

any suggestions with the delay on the mac book pro?

Try using a different browser on the mac

You are using an integrated graphics card,that’s the problem.No need to post another topic about it.This is the second topic I see from you on the same issue.

Get a new computer.