Having trouble running Hammer on 64-Bit

I recently installed the Windows 7 RC 64-Bit and Steam, I copied all my games off my old drive as you would, and they all work, with the exception of the SDK. I get the “Game has not been run” box, even though it has, then, after clicking “run anyway”, I get a proper Windows error.

Setup file ‘gameinfo.txt’ doesn’t exist in subdirectory ‘c:/programfiles/ steam/steamapps/team fortrees 2/tf’. Check your -game parameter or VCONFIG setting.

I don’t understand why it is going through Program Files and not Program Files (x86), as Steam installed into the x86 folder…anyone got any ideas as to what is causing this pain in the ass?

Reinstall SDK, so as to get the paths working correctly.

Ahh balls, I hoped I wouldn’t have to do that as for some reason, it takes ages to download. Oh well, if it fixes it I might as well.


Got it working without re-installing, why did I not try this before :downs: Used the “Edit game Configurations” thing and just added (x86). I feel dumb now.