Having trouble with a guy who claims to be "a troll you dont want to fuck with"

Can’t really give any details, but basically, he came in while me and another friend were messing around with PlayX (it’s a youtube video player and such), so tells us it’s loud and we should turn it down before he does so himself. I ask him who he thinks he is to come into the server and try and boss us around, ignores me and asks why we don’t have prop protect, and after I pretty much prove him wrong over a short argument he couldn’t handle he says “kk have fun while ur servers down :)” and then he rejoins, and it crashes.

I know it wasn’t a typical join-crash, it was restarted like 5 minutes ago, we were the only ones in there. He obviously believes that he’s the administrator in every server he goes to, not just a pubber. My friend permabanned him but he ended up crashing it anyway.

His STEAMID/IP, if any of you have had trouble with this guy before:

“^0IM!^1Zack” STEAM_0:0:23895191 02:46 95 0 active

So yeah, tl;dr, minge/script kiddy is using a script that whenever he joins, he crashes the server, looking for any possible fix.

Thats odd, thanks for the warning. Im gonna ban him from joining my server with gatekeeper or something.


We really need those join crash exploits fixed somehow.

Anty-Minge crew goes now ! Vac banned :smiley: !

This guy is on my friends list, I’ll talk to him but he isn’t replying right now.


Never mind, apparently someone is impersonating him. Neither the SteamID nor the IP match the guy on my friends list. Yet he has the exact same name.

There’s no account on Facepunch with that IP.

ok first off my IP is

Not that 173. what ever bs. And Secnond i havnet been on gmod since monday because of MW2 Scrims. Either someone is impersonating me or this is bullshit liein and ur tryin to get me in trouble. Are U Dark the one I got banned on CSS for Hacking??


I have proof it wasnt me. Because from last night at 8pm to 2am I was busy recording scrims. I will give u links to show it isnt me if you want to. Or you can join my ventrilo and i will do the same and talk to u about it.

The steamid community page: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198008056110
That yours?

That does match the discription, dosn’t it? Also it has mw2 gameplay…


He cant be lieing, his ip says that he is from Pennsylvania. BUT! the steam account says he is from illinios.

That ip is also apperiently registered to somebody else, from newyork, but he’s a rapest. Lmao, and he picked you ip to fake.!! Haha

I didnt crash any servers last night. I can show u the videos of the scrims we did and have u come in and talk to my clan. I didnt Crash any servers on gmod.

Like i said, i agree with you.

Somebody with this name and avatar did:

I took your IP and STEAM ID straight from my server’s CP, you could’ve easily changed it. And you recognized the quote in the title.

I don’t care if it was you or not to be honest. I don’t want to talk to your clan. I’m asking if there’s a fix for this kind of server crash exploit that I don’t know about.

Ban the ip, in first post.

Could well have been a guy on Serenity. Only way to know is if a FP moderator whois’s both IPs (The one posted in the OP and the one on his profile) and check if the ISP is the same.

Anyway, there’s a whole tonne of crash commands, there’s not much you can do (Blocking one, another will be found)

You could try using gm_slog.

You can connect a server even if you’re banned from it, and that’s how the crash works.

We’re keeping it passworded since pubbers haven’t exactly been anything but minges lately.

IP bans and you can’t connect at all until your IP changes.


2000th post :smiley:

Connecting is the first thing you do to a server, it’s when “joined the game” appears to everybody in it. If you don’t connect, then how can the server know your IP?

Actually, you do a few things, including send your info to the server, before it says that.

A troll who we shouldn’t fuck with…? I say he’s a nail waiting to be pounded into the board.
I’ll see if I can get him banned from a few servers. Thanks for the warning mate.

joe be sure it isnt me first. Because this is bullshit.

I don’t think so, the “Player x has joined the game” occurs when you hit the Parsing Game Info on the loading section. Before that it, it’s just “Establishing connection to server” then “Connecting to server”