Having trouble with new server

I recently bought a new server from xenon servers and i added a few addons but when my friend connects, it takes him 10 - 15 mins to connect and he says alot of my addons are errors for some reason. Can someone join to see if this is just his computer and not server side?

It’s because your downloads/fast do aren’t set up. Are your materials, models, sounds, maps, and resources folders mirrored to your fastdl website (and preferably bzipped)? Also what is your sv_downloadurl found in cfg/server.cfg?

idk if this helps but im un able to create a addon collection list on steam for some weird reason. keeps giving me a error (http://i.imgur.com/KbO1isK.png) so had to use fillzilla for FTP transfers. and this is my download url - sv_downloadurl “