Having trouble with timer (I think)

Okay so I am coding a custom addon (just to learn Lua) and I seem to be getting this script error… It basically says there is an issue in line 22 in my shared.lua, here is the code

GM.Name = “Test GM”
GM.Author = “Chris Tucker”
GM.Email = “N/A”
GM.Website = “www.casualrp.zone”

function GM:Initialize()

self.BaseClass.Initialize( self )


// Teams //
team.SetUp( 1, “Cops”, Color (255, 0, 0))
team.SetUp( 2, “Baddies”, Color (0, 255, 0))
team.SetUp( 3, “Spectate”, Color (0, 0, 255))
// Models //
// Timers //
timer.Create(“Team”, 10, 5, TeamT) //Error is on this line (apparently) //

Please help as I have no idea why

Does the error say something along the lines of “function expected, got nil”?

When you create a timer using timer.Simple, the first argument is the delay, the second is the reference to a function or a new function declaration. With timer.Create you’ve got the timer id/name, the delay, how many times it should run, and the function reference or declaration.

There is also a hook which is used to call team.SetUp; CreateTeams - http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/GM/CreateTeams


// SHARED HOOK : Called during Game-mode initialization / startup when the teams should be created
hook.Add( "CreateTeams", "CreateTeamsAndPrecacheModels", function( )
	// Teams
	team.SetUp( 1, "Cops", Color( 255, 0, 0, 255 ) );
	team.SetUp( 2, "Baddies", Color( 0, 255, 0, 255 ) );
	team.SetUp( 3, "Spectate", Color( 0, 0, 255, 255 ) );

	// Models
	util.PrecacheModel( "models/player/arctic.mdl" );
	util.PrecacheModel( "models/player/leet.mdl" );
	util.PrecacheModel( "models/player/alyx.mdl" );
end );

As for the timer, I’m not sure what it should do, but here’s a few ways to set it up:

timer.Create( "TeamT", 10, 5, function( )
	print( "Timer TeamT has executed" );
end );

local function TeamT( )
	print( "Timer TeamT has executed" );
timer.Create( "TeamT", 10, 5, TeamT );

Also, for addons you do not need to specify GM.Name, etc… That is for game-modes…

To simplify your addon, the structure is ( You can simply drop files into the autorun directories and avoid needing to call include/AddCSLuaFile because the 3 folders do it for you automatically ):

garrysmod/addons/<addon_name>/lua/autorun/ – Files in here are automatically included and AddCSLuaFile’ed ( SHARED REALM )
garrysmod/addons/<addon_name>/lua/autorun/server/ – Files in here are automatically included ( SERVER REALM )
garrysmod/addons/<addon_name>/lua/autorun/client/ – Files in here are automatically included on the client only and AddCSLuaFile’ed on the server ( CLIENT REALM )

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Useful Programs ( SteamCMD, Autosizer, Desktops, Process Explorer ) and Notepad++ Upgrades

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