Having unexplained lua errors

Ok so i have made this weapon base and it was working fine for my computer and seemed to be ready to release. But when i gave it to my friend to beta test it he says he gets these lua errors in this order

weapons/rg_base/cl_init.lua:114: attempt to index field ‘?’ (a nil value)
gets this one when he gives himself the gun

weapons/rg_base/shared.lua:720: attempt to call method ‘FireFunction’ (a nil value)
gets this when he tries to shoot

they are just spammed and i can not figure out why. The weird thing is that i dont have a cl_init.lua file anywere, and from what i can tell from Worshippers css realistic and Kermits bases (Which i based a large part of my code from) i should not need one to make my base work

So any suggestions on this matter?

Almost forgot, the base code is not 720 lines long and there is nothing there but space which is making me wonder if it is conflicting with something he has.

On line 114, you are trying to get a variable from a table that doesn’t exist. On line 720, you are trying to call a method you haven’t defined.

Well i understand that but the thing is there is no line 720 and i dont have a cl_init.lua file in my rg_base, so i i dont understand why im getting this error unless im supposed to have a cl_init.lua file but i thought it was supposed to say, ‘missing file’ or something like that

You obviously do, or it wouldn’t show that error.

alright ill try and add a cl_init file and a init file to see if it works