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Welcome to Havoc Gamers, a gaming clan thats main focus is on roleplaying. Havoc Gamers was founded by administrative and clan members of Leet Sawce, a Multi Gaming Community/Clan. Here at Havoc Gamers we are always open to new ideas and players(users).

The Server(s)
Havoc Gamers currently run 3 Garry’s mod server all over or at 20 slots. We like to roleplay plain at simple. To keep the servers popular we regularly have an admin in or online ready to be contacted. All servers are also watched over by multiple high ranking members via HLSW. Our server(s) generally active during the mornings and mid day(s). To help ensure that no abuse occurs we have an abuse board on our forums and also regularly have log checks.

*** Kiwi (Chernobyl) ***

This gamemode is based off of S.T.A.L.K.E.R, and should be role-played as S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

First off, Lets talk about Your role as a S.T.A.L.K.E.R, or rather, a survivor, is to survive (lern 2 obvious). You also will

want to try to get some help with a faction. Try to get a friend to travel along with you, as well as trade

weapons, items, armour, exo-skeletons, cloths, food, drink, and ammunition to gain sheets. Sheets are the

currency used; they are small pieces of titanium alloy, worth a lot of money each. The zone you are in is

currently highly radioactive and hazardous. It would be very smart to buy a gas mask, suit, or an exo-skeleton or

you may not live long in the city. However, there is an alternative to purchasing a mask or suit. Only the town is

deadly in radioactivity. The surrounding trees and forest are still radioactive, but at a safe enough level to where

you don’t need your mask on. All buildings, warehouses, or any other areas in the map that have industrial

equipment such as cars, cargo crates, barrels, or any sort of rubble, is DANGEROUSLY hazardous. If you are going

into town, or any other abandoned area, wear your mask, otherwise you die (RPly). If we actually made it so you

would just die, then it would be dumb. Also, There is… another option. In most abandoned warehouses, if there is

some sort of HEAT SOURCE, such as fire or a torch of some sort, radiation lowers. However, it

only lowers down to a less lethal limit, not enough to stay and sleep there, but enough to stay for a day and not

*** Fretta ***

Custom stat system
Custom Chat.

*** OfficeRP ***

Roleplay in an office setting we have a lot of addons and are currently working on a new map.

The Website
We run off of a free webhost using a redirect in the future we may get a domain name if we see high demand. We have a fully functional website will important updates about the clan and game modes.

We would like you see you on one of our many servers and forums. We are currently in the process of accepting members.


All of the below are currently up and running.

[http://module.game-monitor.com/](http://www.game-monitor.com/garrysmod2_GameServer/ Server__Recruiting.html)

[http://module.game-monitor.com/](http://www.game-monitor.com/garrysmod2_GameServer/ Recruiting.html)


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Community is great, Servers are great, Everyone is nice. Hop in the ventrilo or the game servers, you never know, maybe you will never leave?

Well hope to see you there. Invite your friends to come play. :smiley:

Lol, No posts

Very good comunity.
I introduced my friend to the HG servers, it was nice and he got attached to it so much.
The Community will grow eventually.


Really, what’s so exciting in OfficeRP? IRL, office’s aren’r exciting, why roleplay an office escenario?

This seems like a good community based on the comments, i’ll check it out.

Our ANARCHY roleplay server is currently offline, We are re coding stuff, and switching servers, (more Exo-Skeletons and inventory bonus’s, Etc.)

Looks like a great and friendly community! I probably won’t join because I haven’t played Gmod in months… Although, the one thing that bugs me the most (and has always bugged me) is the “overlay” .tk domain. It makes it impossible to bookmark anything other than the index.

Most hosts, even free allow you to have an “addon” domain. With this, you can have something like havoc-gamers.tk/index.php?topic=74.0. I’m not sure if .tk domains allow you to change the nameserver, but, I do know that co.cc allows you to do so.

Anyways, not meaning to derail the thread, just reading the OP makes it sound like you’ll become a successful community, Good Luck!

I don’t much care for office rp, as for your question it draws in players.

True. Also as for our Anarchy role play script it is close to being done and re-uploaded to our old office rp server.

Office Rp isnt really about an Office

its just a modified DARK RP and it uses the CSS map Office therefore the name
Office RP is actually better than normal Dark RP servers (its not the seriousRp kind)
well modified in my perspective

I’m going to go play alone in the Fretta server. =(

I played on some “OfficeRP” server that fits that description pretty well.

What are the mayor, the police and the mafia all doing in the same office building, sans some sort of hostage scenario, anyways?

For all of you people that didn’t know, The staff at HG are horrible, Especially schumacher. This one time he created “Armor” That gave him and a handful of people 1000 HP, The armor was also scripted by him. For his “Faction”.
That was during “Anarchy” Roleplay.

I see that someone is butthurt because a a hard-working scripter exposed a know-nothing gamemode stealer (and part-time DMing server admin) who stole the script he worked hard on and uses the script on his shitty servers in this thread.

You are 100 percent correct Doug52392, Although steven took the script off his server right after he saw the post. And now claims to be running a custom tacoscript… Great.

Your just butt hurt because Schumacher left your server and joined with us. Exo armor are strong and derable and should have a lot of hp. Some complaining in the thread if you don’t want to post about the “servers”. That all happen on your server.

We recently transfered servers. Everything is being worked on. With me working on Kiwi(HL2RP) and Anarchy Roleplay, Schumacher working on Anarchy Roleplay, and Cheif Tiger working on his Fretta server we don’t have all the much time for office rp even though it is popular.

Good thing we have you know what on their.

You should read the bottom. The part with the screenshots.

Nice photoshop. Wow. But really, nice photo edit. You are an arse for lieing, why wont you just admit it, really. Nobody cares anymore. Just me.