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Going Beyond Gaming

Havoc Gamers is a Garrysmod clan founded by two people named Clark and Liquid (Now Sublime). We currently host many different types of gamemodes to suit the regular gamer. We compete in server rankings, but at the same time, provide a fun gaming experience for everyone.

We currently have a server box, and are trying to fit in as many gamemodes as we can. Although we always want to make new gamemodes, we do not need servers from you, so please do not donate us one because we will gladly decline.

If caught impersonating, you will be banned. You must sign up and apply in the recruitment board @ www.havocgamers.net to wear a tag.

Our servers IPs:

JailBreak (GMOD) -


Fretta (GMOD) -


Flood Mod 2.0 (GMOD) -


More servers are being setup and will soon be ready to play.

Currently we just got a global store for all the servers here is an example:


You guys also run an unauthorized PERP2 server

I can see you took a lot of Sassilization’s trails…
Do you even know who this is?


I hope that you will be giving credit to MacDGuy and I for those hats.

Yeah uh, those are taken directly from GMod Tower. You can even see our logo on the 3D glasses still.

You better be giving us credit for the models.

Firstly, read the thread hightly the rules. It cleary states no advising, were (chumlee) is not advertising it. Secondly, all the stuff within the store is purely temporary. *Hats & Glasses do have the proper credit.

The store was only put together 4 days ago have had enough time to finish it. But I can assure Sass trails are will not apart of the server after the trail phase.

I see no “proper credit” and if you decide you’re going to remove trails/hats, you’re going to have to keep them there for the users who bought them. Unless you decide to replace them with hats/trails that the users didn’t originally purchase…

This. I’ve read through all the stuff and I see no proper credit.

Chumlee is advertising his server with content that isn’t his own. Sam wasn’t advertising either, he was showing that the models are his and that he deserves credit for them. Spacetech was also stating that the trails were stolen. You should get a brain before trying to defend this thief.

So HG has managed to sell Super Admin to random kids, Edit/steal game modes, steal hats/trails, and run one of the worst clans I’ve personally seen.

I congratulate you and your amazing feats

Yes yes let the hate flow. Surely means HG is shitty. No clan is perfect I could go on and on but seems this thread is useless.

This wasn’t authorized by HG Founders.

Selling admin DOES mean HG is shitty.

Lets all get on the bandwagon.

Advertisement or not

HG sucks

A player from HG named ParVart said he hated the thing WHILE wearing your clan tag. So your playerbase loves you too

It easier to give up then to stand up. After all most the people on this forum act like a 15 year old.

So its easier to cowards way out then to actually do good? Good work motiv

Complaining about people getting upset by your actions doesn’t mean you should be immature about the whole thing.
And if you’re saying this thread wasn’t authorized by the founders, then you’ve got some serious organization issues to work on.

Anyways, it’s not really my call or my say, but that’s just how I’m feeling from all of this.

Looking back to my issue, I do have to agree once again with Sam. I still do not see any credit for the models.

If you prefer, we can talk about this issue further on Steam Friends or elsewhere.

The credit isn’t on the models them self but in the info menu. The menu you currently see was from the first screen shot I took. As said they were only for development purchase HG has move to mask and has 2 texture artist working on our own trails.

If I could add anything more PERP2 is dead. It wasn’t even popular. I didn’t hack to get it. I just got it from a person whom you think would be the least liking person.

HG is the worst community on earth.

Everyone is entitled to there own opinion.

Did you not already learn? This thread should of been locked by now. Posting here is useless.