HAVOC - Hyper-Accelerated Vehicular Open Combat


HAVOC is a gamemode my roommate and I are currently working on. It is a vehicle based deathmatch and racing game. Players choose a vehicle from a selection, each with their own unique statistics, equip it with armor, give it a paint job, and then wreak havoc on the other players. Two types of gameplay will be supported, an open deathmatch where players drive around an area accumulating kills, and combat racing where players fight to be the first to finish by whatever means necessary.

There will be several vehicles to choose from, each with their own stats. New vehicles can be unlocked in the Garage; however, in the interest of keeping the game balanced, all vehicles are balanced. You can choose stats that work for you, and have some sexy body types that make the new players jealous.

Vehicle Controls
One cool thing about the vehicles is the additional range of motion they have. The max speed and acceleration have been increased from the default vehicles in HL2. We’ve also added additional features such as powersliding, and a better boosting system, with the default “sprint” function of the vehicle disabled. Vehicles also have in-air stabilizers and subtle movement control while in the air, making huge jumps and mid-air spins possible.

While racing or deathmatching, players will notice red and yellow spinning boxes. Upon breaking a box, players are granted offensive and defensive powerups respectively. These can be used either to get ahead of the rest of the pack, or to drag another player down.

Armor System
Your vehicle’s armor decays as you take damage. There is no armor meter on your HUD. Armor will fall off the vehicle as it takes damage, and armor is worn away. Once a piece of armor falls off, you can’t replace it unless you die. You should take note of how much armor you have left when deciding how much damage you can take. Players can unlock new armor in the Garage. Different styles of armor are purely cosmetic, but you can show off your superior racing skills by wearing the best armor money can buy.

The garage is where you can tweak your vehicles. You can take stock of what vehicles and armor you have unlocked, fine-tune the performance of your vehicle, paint and select armor, and unlock new items. Points are awarded for each event that you can use to buy vehicles, armor, and accessories. Some items are also unlocked via in-game events. All of your settings for each vehicle are saved, so you can choose a vehicle for the type of track you will be on.

Here are some of the media clips we’ve recorded so far.

Basic Movement


Current Progress
Vehicle Movement: 90%
Garage: 5%
Powerups: 80%
Battle Mode: 50%
Racing Mode: 25%

Current Powerups

  • Turbo Boost
  • Bowling Bomb
  • Drone
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Invisibility
  • Life Siphon
  • Mounted SMG
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Shield
  • TNT


  • Oil slick
  • Stationary Turret
  • Electric Storm ( Damages all player but the user )

How can you help?
We are always looking for feedback and new ideas. If you have a comment on something we’ve done so far, or a suggestion for a new feature, please let us know. We’re currently looking to add a few new powerups, so if you have any ideas, shout em out.

Once we get a little bit more complete, we’ll start beta testing, as we’ll be asking for volunteers to help test.

First -

Anyway, I saw this on another thread and I liked it. It looks good so far.

I’d suggest getting a new model for the car, the jeep doesn’t seem to work well on looks (saggy), When you have a powerup, instead of the question mark, let it flip through a few items and stop on that random item (looks a bit better)

All I can think of now. Good luck!

The jeep will most likely be the default model, with more models able to be unlocked through the garage.

The question mark is a placeholder to show the cycling of icons when I only have one powerup enabled. It will not be included in the final game.

I’m usually not one for vehicle combat however this does look interesting. How many players should one server at max have? Also, at this max amount, would the vehicles move properly without lagging a lot? Those are just some things you may want to think about while coding.

Next I shall go to the suggestions: I think you should have some built in traps that trigger when a player drives over a button. The traps could be like the Death Race ones. The map should be wide open and have plenty of jumps and hazards.

Anyways, your gamemode looks good so far so keep up the good work.

I’ve considered the player count. The vehicles themselves shouldn’t lag too much, but my main concern is for the number of people in a race, since too many people on one track would be lame. I was thinking 8, but that’s really small for a server cap, and the battle mode could handle a lot more.

A thought I had was to run multiple races at once, splitting players up into “teams” of 8. Each team would race independently of each other. Players would be invisible to those on other teams, and would not interact. No collisions are targeting etc. Might be tricky to do, but should be plausible.

I won’t know how the limitations of the gamemode line up with the player limit until I start testing things. But so far things are looking pretty good. We try to optimize as we go, and once we start beta testing we’ll have a better idea where our bottlenecks are performance wise, and we’ll try to improve.

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As for the traps, would those be map based or powerup based? Maps are going to be about the size of the one in the videos in the OP.

I reckon an idea of having some commands for admins such as !teamlimit 2 or so on, which would save so in case the map changes the same map again it won’t need to be set again.

The number of teams won’t be set. The size of the teams will either be determined by the map, a configuration file, or a combination. The number of teams would be decided based on the number of players online, and the team limits.

For example, with the configuration file set to limit teams to a minimum of 4 players and maximum of 8, and 20 players online, players would be divided into 4 teams of 5. The server will decide how to best balance the team sizes.

The only problem I can see here would be friends wanting to be on the same team, so I would have to implement a friend system to team together.

You could make a jump Power-Up, when you activate it you jump up at your current speed. It could be used to pass over someone in the race mode, and to jump over tnt and other dropped weapons in combat mode.
If you aren’t going fast enough you could land on what you are trying to jump.

Interesting idea. I will try it out when I get off work. I’ll post a vid.

They would be map based. If a player drove over a button or something, some kind of trap would kill them. If you do use the idea then I would make it so players can escape but it takes skill.

Eh, I’ll think about it. But the main obstacles should be your fellow players, not the track itself. There will be enough to worry about, trust me.

Will players be able to design their own armour for their vehicles?

Good idea and nice execution, the only complaint I can come up with is that everything is really, really bad-looking.

Design in what way? You can swap out different parts from a selection of available models for side, roof, hood, and back panels, and give them a paint job.

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Could you please be more specific? The HUD, the powerups, the map, the vehicle?

The vehicle is going to have a huge make over once I start getting the models for the armor done. The map is just a test map and not meant to be pretty. The HUD is starting to be finished up, so please let me know which parts may be displeasing. The powerup icons are going to be redone, I can tell you that now.

Overall right now we are going for functionality. Once everything works, then we will worry about having it look good.

Thanks for being so helpful…

You might want to give him examples and suggestions on how he could improve it.

I like what I see, reminds me slightly of Mario Karts and Full Auto.

I don’t really see what looks so bad, I mean a new vehicle model would be cool but it doesn’t look bad, everything else looks good.

Those were my thoughts. And like I said, the vehicle will look a lot better once I make the armor, and this will only be the default vehicle, which is kind of supposed to be shitty looking as an incentive to get a new one. You will be able to unlock more base models.

Also keep in mind that the vehicle without any armor will look very ugly, since it is supposed to just be a framework. The armor is what makes it look unique and pretty. Think about taking the siding off your Ferrari. It would probably look pretty ugly too if it was just the frame.

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BTW, if anyone is interested in modeling the armor with me, check here

You’d be paid.