Havoc server. Just a promo video for it. Also a video with our soundtrack.

Here is the promo video for Havoc server: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGd1_4lL6oA

Soundtrack: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6P87TpkmoMs

(Moderators I’m sorry If I’m breaking any rules, just close it down if so and tell me)

For the server IP go look in the servers catagory.

//// Havoc staff.

Just like the server thread please try to put some effort in your video’s, you just opened windows movie maker recorded a few clips and than put music under it. You can see your friends logging in, lua error’s and all i see as a empty server. And it seems like you used your admin powers to get money.

Either way i think this video is unnecessary it’s a normal map running a normal darkRP without any modifications so why bother showing something that’s been showed a million times already?

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oh yeah and OP (Havoc staff???) uses aimbots/wallhacks wow what a admin.


We dont use aimbot/wallhack, was a long time ago. The admin money was used to help other players. It was just a simple promo video, but the PERP servers promo video will prob take me a couple of days. ss