Havoc9 Conversion [Mappers and Scripters Needed]


Havoc9 is a veteran TSRP community that has been trying to convert to Garry’s Mod for well over 5 months now. The reason it’s taking so long is due to unreliable people or those who just fell through. We’ve had an entire team of scripters quit on us, and a mapper 40% done with the map quit for school reasons. Others just fell out of contact and never responded. Right now we are looking for any mappers or scripters that are interested in a relatively new community to Garry’s Mod and motivated to either make a good roleplay script, or a good map.

The roleplay in which we are striving for is a serious roleplay, just like Havoc9 predecessor in TSRP.

Also, before anyone starts calling me the idea guy, I’ll be the one running the server.

The story of the roleplay is an already developed story that has been developing ever since 2006 in TSRP. The current saga of the Havoc story is Alexandria Circa 2560. The place of interest is a fascist nation called the Middlesea Republic, specifically it’s very large capitol Alexandria. The roleplay is mainly a scavenge for power.

(Concept art by unknown source found on Deviant Art; I take no credit)

Capital of the Middlesea Republic, one of the biggest cities in the world, thriving and bustling with corporations and citizens, these are only a few of what details Alexandria.
The city of slums and gardens, where social class means a lot more than just a title, where elitism is at it’s best, these are only a few of the vices that scour the city of Alexandria.

The district of interest is nick named the ‘Emperor’s Crown’, for it is District 1, the location of many corporation headquarters and government funded and run organizations.
Even the Emperor’s throne sits in District 1’s gardens of Admah.
Rarely does the Emperor show himself in public, not because he is shy or humble, but because he is prideful and corrupted.
If he dared show himself in public, the pathetic rebellion might attack. The Middlesea Republic cannot afford to lose their Emperor…Or can they?

The slums of District 1 is covered in the homeless, the hungry, the powerless, the rebels. They think they can jump up and spark something big, but nothing has yet to happen to give the rebellion any sort of hope.
They lack a leader. They lack the man power. Where as the Ministry of Defense contains a strict and cruel leader; the Lord Commander of the Ministry of Defense himself.

The crowded halls of Salem; filled with clubs, stores, businesses, labs, and restaurants. The middle class dwell in the urban style of Salem, living their lives and trying to climb the ladder of success while also sneaking in organized crime. While Bosor may contain rebels, Salem contains those who use the corrupt system to their advantage to fuel their crime syndicates that are sometimes are backed by politicians of state.

Finally, the gardens of Admah, claiming to be the most beautiful place in all of Alexandria and the Middlesea Republic combined. Rampant politicians and corporate honchos roam the gardens daily, eating at the fancy restaurants with their fellow rich man. Secretly devising plans to take down enemy corporations using mercenaries or spies. Trying, rather, ‘completing’ the task of getting into powerful politicians pockets and using them for the power of legislation in the state and to fund their corporation using government funding. All the corruption of the Middlesea Republic ends here, and begins here.

If you are interested in the community please take a look at our forums, sign up if you want, say hi, etc etc.

If you are interested in a position as a developer, please PM me either at our forums or here. Any type of position is welcome, as long as your not an idea guy.

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Do you really need 2 threads on this same thing?

I don’t know how it duplicated, but I hope that it gets deleted.

What is TSRP?

TSRP is The Specialist Roleplay. The Specialists was a Half-life 1 mod that aimed to be like the Matrix. It was a very popular deathmatch games, that after a while became a popular roleplay platform. In fact, it’s still running, but not very popular. Probably only two servers exist now, and even then the communities are very small.

That’s the sad thing about these mods, they are great, but server owners are so far up there ass (No offense to anyone) and don’t put these great creations on there servers.

Yeah, I don’t think server providers have hosted the Specialists for at least two years now. It’s mostly run by peoples second computer or cheap home servers.

It feels like people don’t like change. If darkrp went on OVERHAUL, people would stop playing it because they did not like the change. Lets say they removed the build aspect, instant “Fuck this” response. Well, OK I would do the same thing because I like building, maybe thats reason why I don’t bother playing other gamemodes without that aspect, hmmm, I guess people like building something without them going to a shop to buy it, even if they have to go around to find the things needed. I don’t know, I’m speaking from the mind.

Lol, that is one thing that is superior about Garry’s Mod. You can build scenes. In both DarkRP and the most serious of serious roleplay scripts. In TS, all it was, was the map. The rest you had to actually, ironically, roleplay.

I will help develop for you, it seems interesting.

But I’m not going to register on your forums(yet), PM me in facepunch a steam account username or post it here.

Thanks for the help, now I need a mapper lol.

Is it going to be like it was in TSRP and last for 2 months before going down and being brought back up again?

That’s cute, but TSRP has only been like that since it started to slowly die in 2009. Back in 2006-2008, Havoc9 would last sometimes 8 months before withering. Plus, Garry’s Mod is more stable than TSRP ever was.

I could code some things for you. PM me with what you need.

Thanks, but LuaScript agreed to make a script with us. Right now, we’re just looking for a mapper.