HAWXMod: Looking for LUA Coders!

[release]The HAWX models are great but, I want to make aircrafts in entities or vehicle (I am not sure it is possible to convert them into vehicles… :confused: ), may be one it could be a new gamemode.[/release]
So I 've got many ideas to make the GREAT Addon about HAWX in Gmod, based on some games gameplay:
An old game Air Combat on PSX[/center]

Other old game Death Strike on PC
We can’t forget Ace Combat 6 on XBOX 360! ^^

[release]I would like to make real flyable planes you can spawn on the map, a custom hud appears that display: speed, health, weapons, angles, fuel, lock target, radar, and other things cool.
Each plane has its advantages and drawbacks like:
F-117: undetectable but low speed.
SR-71: very high speed but only gun (Is this plane have weapons? lol).
AV-8B: vertical take off but low speed too.

So, I extract from my old games some hud elements:
Health, Fuel, speed, weapons:


Altitude; to replace with speed:


In-Game positions:


Like I said before, each aircraft have its own features


And It would be very cool to make a new gamemode which you can choose your plane with the Air Combat style! :smiley:


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Man I use to have a boner over Air Combat when I was a kid. Would be pretty good to see a gamemode like this. A lot of work like.

I would want to try the HUDs, but I neither have the time nor I can’t be arsed to get into it.

You’d need to scale all your planes down to get any decent gameplay.

With good reason.

What, this is not in the wrong section. mahalis mistakes AGAIN!

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Why not Ace Combat 6 HUD style?

Also,what version is that?
Hoping it is the Fires of Liberation


This does look like it would be cool, though, and thanks for some ideas, OP.

ITT: Someone knowing nothing about coding asking for fully functioning third person dogfighting gamemode with ported models.