Haxxer's Megathread of Mass Effect Releases

Howdy, this is a megathread with all of my released mass effect models.

Mass Effect 2 - A-61 Mantis Gunship and Hovercar


Mass Effect 2 - Kasumi Goto

Mass Effect 2 - Miscellaneous furniture/props

Mass Effect 2 - Furniture & Prop pack (v2)

Mass Effect 2 - M-44 Hammerhead & UT-47 Kodiak Drop Shuttle

Mass Effect 2 - Elcor(s)

Mass Effect 2 - Praetorian

Mass Effect 2 - Volus

Mass Effect 2 - Flight Lieutenant Jeff ‘Joker’ Moreau

Mass Effect 1 - Huge Krogan pack (including Wrex!)

Mass Effect 3: Cerberus Soldiers + weapons

Mass Effect 2 - Commander John/Jill Shepard

Mass Effect 3: Javik the Prothean

Mass Effect: Weapons (all of them)

Mass Effect - Huge Human pack!


The spaceships are missing because we are working on a new pack with shiney new spaceships.

All of these include the fixes in their threads, so this is the centralized thread for all of my stuff.

That’s all for now! I probably won’t post any more individual threads, and if I do collaboration with someone I’ll let them post the thread and just add the models onto here. Cheers!

Nice work! When I get the time, I’ll download the ones I haven’t got…

Awesome, pure awesomeness.

Needs moar EDI.

Nice, this will be useful for new members in my opinion. (And of course for the rest of us.)

has all the packs
success kid

Mmmm, I agree. Preferably the appearance where her vagina is most visible—I mean the white outfit, port the white outfit.

I’ve actually been waiting for a Jack with face posing for years. Gmod needs her unconventional beauty and disposition!

no offense but whats the point of having this thread if theres already a ME thread with links to everyone’s MEports including yours?

Edit: ah I was mistaken

Pretty sure this was posted before the mass catalogue, even if only by a few hours.

ah I see by 2 hours

indeed it was, and I plan to add new releases to this instead of clogging up the forum.

Can I request the multiplayer models from ME3? I’d really like get the Asari multiplayer model.

PS. You rock! All your releases are great.

Im pretty sure the asari multiplayer model is the asari commando uniform from the first game,correct me if Im wrong.

where are the asari dancers? I have bin all over the place and I only found the broken one’s

They are not released.

Sad thing. I’m not hurrying anyone, but when will they be, if they ever be released?

When Floater finishes up the rest of the dresses, workers and other casual skins